Just about everything including accounting** and multiple days*** of on-site training and setup. It is
easier to explain what we don’t do. We don’t supply the capital (yet) and we don’t buy the cars. We don’t
set up the corporate entities and we don’t apply for any of the necessary licenses. We don’t DO any of
those but we advise you in any way we can. We don’t supply software (yet) but are familiar with all of the
major suppliers and can advise you accordingly. Our packages are intended to be “full service”
packages. We expect to do just about anything and everything you’ll need along the way: site selection,
business plan development, policies and procedures, consulting with setup and daily operations,
training in the areas of buying, inventory management, sales, and collections. We have pay plans and
we help write job descriptions. We provide weekly data tracking reports and do a weekly conference
call. We even offer the first four months of accounting support in most cases. Plus, we are on call
throughout the startup phase! It’s a lot! You’ll need lots of help and we expect to be your one call for just
about everything as you learn to buy, sell, and collect. Starting new ventures is fun! We enjoy being a
part of it!

* Assumes acceptance of initial visits days in lieu of corresponding contract days.
**Level of accounting
support depends on DMS chosen by client.
*** Number of days is negotiable, depending on client
needs and proximity to major airport.

This is our strength. Call us first. If our services don’t prove to be the right solution for you, we can
point you in the right direction.

We do that. On-site and online. Sales, collections, inventory management, daily operations, etc. Give
us a call at (903) 816-0216.

The answer to this one is complex and is more of a financial matter than it is a matter of sales or
marketing. Generally, most BHPH dealers are stocking units with a cost range of $2,500-$4,000. It is
possible to operate very successfully outside this range. We help clients choose a business model
based on a number of factors including market size, available capital and resources, and financial
objectives. It is one of our specialties.

Beyond your own private sources and local banks, there are dozens of regional and national sources
for BHPH capital. We are familiar with just about every one and can help you locate the source that is
right for you. Some are bulk contract buyers, some offer point-of-sale programs, and others provide
advances on payment streams. There are even credit lines available through a few of them. We help
startup clients write plans to present to capital sources of all kinds.

We have developed multiple profit and cash flow forecasting tools that allow us to look at scenarios
“on the fly.” This a critical part of business plan development and is something we are accustomed to
doing during the first on-site consulting visit.

Call Four R Consulting. These are all part of what we do.

One day of on-site consulting has proven to be an excellent way to get up to speed quickly, especially
when there are multiple parties involved. This day is spent on basics of the business, sorting out
financial objectives, running business model scenarios, and even site selection. The fee ($2,750 plus
reasonable and capped travel expenses) can be credited toward the eventual purchase of a training
and consulting package.* Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

First, know that the risk can be mitigated and is not as high as most would think. Second, let us help
you sort through that. We tell clients exactly what to expect so they can make an informed decision.